Help Us Build a Better Food System - One Bite at a Time!


Eat Local Sudbury is a not-for-profit co-operative where both eaters and farmers work together to grow our local food system. We believe everyone should have access to fresh, healthy, sustainable food grown right here in northeastern Ontario.

We run a local food grocery store and distribution centre located in the heart of downtown Sudbury, with a focus on selling food produced within a 150 mile radius of Sudbury. But we are far more than just a local food grocery store! We also:

• Host workshops for adults and kids alike to learn how to cook with local ingredients
• Partner with local daycares, schools and institutions to get local food on the menu
• Offer high quality workshops to farmers to support their businesses
• Offer farm tours to explore the farms in our region
• Work with the City and government to support a growing generation of new farmers

Every dollar of your donation helps to grow our local food system and support the farmers and producers in our community. 

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