Help Us Build a Better Food System- One bite at a time!


Over the past 4 years, our Co-op membership and sales have grown by leaps and bounds. We have supported over 65 local farms with micro-grants for season-extension equipment, access to training to help expand their businesses, delivery services and most importantly, by providing a place to sell their products year round.We’ve hosted workshops for adults and kids alike to learn how to cook with local ingredients, partnered with daycares, schools and institutions to get local food on the menu, offered farm tours to explore the farms in our region, and worked with municipal and provincial government to support a farmers and the growing agriculture industry in northeastern Ontario.

Our Co-op would not be what it is today without the support of our members and our community - but now we need YOUR help to save it.

Despite our rapid growth, our present size is simply not sustainable and we have had to go into debt to survive. We have made a concerted effort to significantly reduce our own operating costs without sacrificing our mission, BUT for us to move ahead:

The Co-op needs to fundraise $75,000 by the end of 2016.

Eat Local Sudbury is far more than just a local food grocery store. By offering your support, you are making sure that our community continues to have access to locally-grown, healthy foods and supporting the local farmers who have built their businesses on sales through the Co-op.
With your help, we can build a better food system - one bite at a time!

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